Finding new customers is not a simple task. You will find 20 tips to attract them.

Define your target

There is no point in trying to win new customers if you do not really know who you are looking for… First, make a profile of the typical customer who might buy your product or service. Then detail what their desires, expectations, habits, fears, and concerns.  Finally, where they will find your product or service information: a survey worthy of the most memorable games of Clue!

Make yourself known to your target

Once you have defined your target, try to reach it by communicating about your company and its offer. Website, Social Media, Videos, Advertising in the press, distribution of flyers, e-mailing… It is up to you to define the ideal means of communication to reach your target.

Expand your network

Are you looking for new customers? Then maybe it is time to get out of your entrepreneurial lair and meet additional people who could introduce you to future clients. Where to go contact fishing? In business clubs, sports clubs, social clubs, at parties and local events or events related to your sector of activity…

Leverage your networks

You have scrupulously followed the previous advice, bravo! But all the work remains to be done! Because it is not enough to just give your business card to win new customers… Be proactive, get back in touch quickly and offer your services or contacts: the best recipe to get help from your network.

Communicate on social networks

Everyone says it. Today brands must be present on social networks. Of course, but you still need to know how to use them well! Creating a Facebook page yes, but if you animate it regularly with information, conversations and, useful tips you may become noticed by more and more potential customers.

Encourage satisfied customers to testify

For they are your best ambassadors. These customers will spread the word of your products and services by word of mouth and quickly reach potential new customers who could be won over by the recommendation of a trusted third party. What could be better?

Put yourself in the expert’s shoes

What will convince customers to go to your place? Knowing that you are the best. And how do you get that message across to them? By being an expert in the field, by writing a specialised book, by posting advice-oriented articles on social networks or by speaking in the famous “expert forums” of magazines. A little extra work for maximum effect.

Build an effective website

Nowadays most consumers start by looking around on the Internet before deciding about what to buy. So, focus your efforts on building an effective website. It must be clear and well laid out as this will improve your brand awareness and authority. Also pay attention to style: an “old-fashioned” website will not boost the buying impulse!

Diversify your offer

If your product or service does not attract enough customers, one solution is to offer another. A simple, even simplistic idea, but one that can work! Analyse the trend in your market and consider what your target audience is expecting… All you do is ride the wave of success.

Improve your sales approach

Because it is rare that a customer comes ringing to your door with his pencil ready to sign the contract, it will be useful to improve your commercial skills! Coaching, training, or reading specialised books… all means are good to become a better salesman.

Do not be afraid of telephone prospecting

At night do you dream that you are being held captive in your office by a psycho phone? If so, you are the victim of an acute form of prospecting-phobia! So, relax and put things into perspective: even the best salespeople regularly get hung up on! You can also think about training in this field to gain self-confidence and improve your efficiency. We do not recommend over-calling, but some light call activity on potentially warm prospects just to establish rapport and answer eventual questions.

Explore the many promotion techniques

Have you ever been persuaded by marketing techniques used by manufacturers to make you buy their products? The famous “2 for the price of 1”: a magic trick? No, just a perfect understanding of the mechanisms of the buying impulse… which you can take over by remixing it to your taste.

Enter partnerships

Because two of us are stronger than one. This is a business tip! By teaming up with a company that offers and products and services that complements your own, you give yourself greater visibility and expand your network.

Improve your offer based on your customers’ feedback

Customers may not have a marketing degree, but they are the ones who advise you on what to do and it is critical to listen and learn for business success. Every successful company owe their success to listening to their audience wants, needs, and concerns and offering the solution.