Data processing and custom development

Companies are becoming more concerned about data processing, especially as data volumes become larger. Many of our clients are facing the problem of building and managing their database.  

People are now talking about Big Data and Analytics 2.0 vs Small Data. Companies are inundated with growing growing at rates of up to 50% per year but are unable to exploit it. Therefore, it is becoming crucial to balance between the quality of solutions and the quantity of data.

Businesses have two types of data:

Structured data:

Most organisations have redundant applications and databases, which adds to the cost of data storage and makes it harder and more expensive to access. Ideally, data is collected and stored only once.

Unstructured data:

Files such as emails, PDF documents, images and videos make up the largest share of existing data in organisations and account for much of the growth in the amount of data.

Too many SMEs store unprocessed files just to keep “archives” as they do not understand how to extract information efficiently for processing and storage. They should transform this data into information to assist decision making.

In this context, a growing number of companies rely on external suppliers to ensure the security, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of their data storage.

At Allow Digital, we offer the full life-cycle of Big Data services including POC, architectural consulting, data modelling, automation and preventive maintenance.

Our data management support service includes the development of interfaces for data capture and transfer or synchronisation of data between existing applications in companies.

We help you manage your business more effectively.

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