Digital Strategy

Is your digital strategy delivering the results you expect?

Our clients come to us with critical digital marketing needs that need remedies, from how to choose the best technology for content marketing to SEO best practices and/or Lead Generation.

We help you make smart strategic decisions that drive success and achieve your marketing goals.

Your digital strategy functions as a plan which details what you can expect from your digital efforts and what objectives you can achieve.

Your digital strategy ensures that you have a logical roadmap towards your set of goals. We always ensure that your business does not miss any opportunity.


Every organisation has different requirements. We do not recycle the same digital strategy for everybody. Instead, we listen, conduct background research, and evaluate your needs. This allows us to provide you with a digital strategy tailored for your specific marketing ambitions, messaging, and audience.

We offer a range of services covering research, planning, and data analysis with a digital strategy to reach your business goals.

Whether you are thinking about developing a new website, or want guidance on a digital strategy, we are here to help every step of the way.

Are all your digital channels strategically aligned with your business objectives?

When digital channels work in synergy toward a set of goals under a consistent strategy, your business is prompt for success. With so many digital solutions available, it is easy for your digital marketing efforts to become fragmented and inconsistent.

The bottom line is none of your pages convert. This cost money and undermine your brand’s integrity.

Our digital strategy services help align organisational goals and capacity in the following ways:

  • Strategy audits: We audit your existing digital marketing efforts (if any) across channels, assess what is working or not, and define criteria for success.
  • Competitor analysis: Defining your position in the marketplace against your competitors and identifying where you have the most chances for success.
  • Capacity planning: Using your organisation’s resources with a strategy that ensures success and does not overwhelm your team.
  • SEO/SEM strategy: Integrating search strategies with content creation, PR campaigns, and so on.
  • Social Media and Content governance: Devising an editorial calendar to keep all teams aligned.
  • Measurement strategy: Aligning your organisational goals with key performance indicators (KPIs) to scale success.
  • Reporting & Optimisation: Providing data analysis and recommendations to improve performance.

Allow Digital takes a holistic and sustainable approach to your organisation’s digital strategy. We audit your digital marketing presence across all channels. We then build your new digital strategy with KPI metrics, focusing on your goals and elaborate a plan that will provide results.

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